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Drop Ceiling Scissor

Single Black Autopole, Extends


Extends from 150cm to 270cm.




Avenger C1005 Scissor Clip with Cable Support


The Avenger C1005 Scissor Clip with Cable Support allows you to support power cables and other wiring from a drop ceiling for temporary installations.


Matthews Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp with Baby (5/8") Pin


The Matthews Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp attaches to the dropped ceiling tile support rails found in many offices, allows the mounting of small lighting instruments on the pin without the need of a stand. It comes with a Cable Holder to keep cables near the ceiling and out of the shot.


Avenger C1000 Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp


The Avenger C1000 Drop Ceiling Scissor Clamp is used to mount a small to medium size light fixture from a drop ceiling frame. It terminates in a standard 5/8" Baby stud.


Impact 5/8" Snap-in Pin for Super Clamps (Black)


This is a 4.7" (11.9 cm) black 5/8" Snap-in Pin for Super Clamps from Impact. It has a 5/8" (16 mm) spigot (non-threaded) attachment one end, and the hexagonal Super Clamp type fitting on the other end. It can be used to connect a lighting fixture that has a 5/8" female receptor to a Super Clamp. It is constructed from aluminum, and comes finished in black.


Impact SRP-113 Long Double Stud 5/8"


The Impact SRP-113 Long Double Stud measures 6" long and is fabricated from zinc-plated steel. It is ideal for use with a super clamp or other grip and mounting accessories with a locking 5/8" (16mm) receiver.


Matthews Baby Plate - 3"


Mounting5/8" / 16 mm Stud


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