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Marshall Monitor 9"



High Resolution 1280 x 768 LED backlit IPS panel

DSLR Ratio Adjustment with 4 DSLR ratio presets

On screen Waveform / stereo audio bar display

Manual Gamma adjustment

Adjustable IRE Clip Guide (Zebra filter)

Stereo headphone output (select a L+R pair from the available channels)

6 monitor configuration user presets

Custom screen markers (choice of four colors and variable lines widths)

HDMI Auto Color Space and Ratio Detect

New Peaking filter (choice of four color highlights and variable sensitivity)

False Color filter

Four user assigned function buttons with 32 possible uses

Pixel-to-Pixel panning (Custom Pixel-to-Pixel Mode)

15:9, 16:9, 4:3 Pixel-to-Pixel modesInput Crop with automatic scaling

RGB Check Field with Monochrome

Marshall Monitor 9"

SKU: 10023
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