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The Softie Lyre Mount & Pistol Grip allows handheld operation of shotgun microphones, or boom pole mounting with the 3/8" threading at the base of the grip. The Softie Mount features a medium sized hole that accommodates microphones with 19-25mm (0.74-1") diameters.

Mixer Cases / Vests 

Porta Brace AH-2.5 Padded Audio Harness  


The AH-2.5 from PortaBrace is a professional-quality audio harness designed for field audio specialists such as boom operators, mixers, and recordists. The harness has a lightweight and durable construction designed to keep you comfortable, even during long workdays.

Vörunúmer: 30041

Porta Brace  Case for Sound Devices 633 Field Mixer/Recorder

The Porta Brace AO-633 Audio Organizer Case is a 1000 denier Cordura nylon case with a rigid plastic frame and interior padding in the main section and pocket. It is designed to carry the Sound Devices 633 Field Mixer/Recorder, wireless microphones, transmitters, batteries, cables, connectors, and other equipment.

Vörunúmer: 30042


Porta Brace Sound Devices 664 Audio Mixer Combination Case 

The Sound Devices 664 Audio Mixer Combination Case from Porta Brace is a protective Audio Mixer Combination Case custom-fit to the Sound Devices 664 mixer. It combines the 664 case with a CL6 controller bag, but either can be used separately. When used together, they form one ridged structural design. The style of the MXC provides a stronger frame, and offers improved support over previous models of this case. Removable padded dividers provide protection for your gear.

Vörunúmer: 30043

Porta Brace Sound Devices Audio Mixer Combination Case 

Vörunúmer: 30044

Porta Brace CAR-3AUD Cargo Case For Audio Equipment 

The Porta Brace CAR-3AUD Cargo Case For Audio Equipment is designed for transporting audio equipment such as a recorder, mixer, Portabrace AR or MXC bag, wireless mics, batteries, headphones, and a harness. The bag is constructed from 1000-denier Cordura nylon with solid steel clip rings It also features reversed zippers and a slip-not anti-skid waterproof bottom panel to improve durability and resistance to water.

Vörunúmer: 30045

Sound Devices CS-3 Production Case - for Sound Devices 302 Field Mixer


The Sound Devices CS-3 Production Case is designed and built by CamRade to carry the 302 field mixer, series 7 audio recorders or MixPre mixers. It is intended to be used while operating the device. The CS-3 holds the mixer or recorder with any sized removable battery. Its full-sized front pocket is holds up to three wireless transmitter/receivers. It can also accommodate Porta Brace RM-series accessories on its front or can be mounted to the front of Sound Devices CS-4W (442 Mixer) bag.

Vörunúmer: 30046

Sound Devices CS-664 Production Case for 664 Field Mixer  


The CS-664 Production Case for 664 Field Mixer from Sound Devices features a high-quality strap and doors to access the word clock and talkback send/receive connections. It has space to accommodate a CL-6 Input Expander and an NP-type battery. It also includes a large detachable wireless bag by CamRade.

Vörunúmer: 30047

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