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Pump Cup

Avenger F1000 Pump Cup with Baby Swivel Pin


The Avenger F1000 Pump Cup with Baby Swivel Pin uses a 5.8" (15 cm) suction cup to adhere to any flat non-porous surface. It features a ball-joint socket which rotates within a half hemisphere. It's best suited for holding small lights, lightweight cameras, scrims, flags or articulated arms.


Manfrotto 241V Suction Grip with Camera Support


The Manfrotto 241V Suction Grip with Camera Support features a camera support and an adjustable pole for additional support and stability. It is a handy grip that adheres to any flat non-porous surface via its large 5.8" (15cm) suction cup. Clamped onto the shaft connected to the suction cup is a versatile ball-joint socket which rotates within a half hemisphere, and which comes topped with a 1/4"-20 screw. The head will also accept accessories that use a 5/8" stud connection.


Matthews Pump Cup - 6"
Matthews Pump Cup - 6" Suction Cup - with 5/8" Pin

Pump it up to create an amazing bond to non porus surfaces.
Has a fixed 5/8 in stud. Will support up to 5 lbs (2.3 kg).


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