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Quick Release Tripod Adapter
E-Image Quick Release Tripod Adapter


Key Features

  • For Select Sony & Panasonic Cameras

  • Integrated Safety Catch

  • Multiple 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Holes

Vörunúmer: 20016


Quick Release Baseplate
Tilta 15mm LWS Quick Release Baseplate 

Key Features

  • For Sony FS5 Camera

  • VCT-14 Baseplate with Shoulder Pad

  • Front and Rear 15mm LWS Rod Clamps

  • Lens Adapter Support on Front of Plate

  • Push-Button Quick Release Plate

  • 2 x ARRI Standard Rosettes

  • Aluminum Alloy Construction

  • Pair of 7.9" 15mm Support Rods Included

Vörunúmer: 20017


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