Canon LP-E6 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack


The Canon LP-E6 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack (7.2V), has a capacity of 1800mAh, making it possible to shoot up to 850 shots at normal temperatures on a single battery charge. The battery is also more compact and lightweight than previous battery models.

The LP-E6 battery also communicates with the EOS 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III, 60D, 70D, 6D and 7D digital cameras, so that you can always check the remaining capacity on the camera's power source info screen. In addition, a unique feature of the LP-E6 battery pack is that it has a microchip encoded with an 8-character serial number. So when the battery pack is installed in the camera, you can register it using a menu command. Then track the condition and power characteristics of up to 6 batteries in your camera to ensure you use your batteries evenly and identify batteries that are near the end of their useful lifespan.


Sony BP-U60 Lithium-Ion Battery - for PMW-EX1 


The Sony BP-U60 is a lithium-ion battery designed for professional video shooting in both the field and the studio. This battery is equipped with the INFO function that communicates battery status data to the PMW-EX1 camcorder.


Swit S-8110S 126Wh V-Mount Battery
  • Li-ion battery, no memory effect

  • 14.4V, 126Wh large capacity

  • D-tap output socket

  • 4-level LED power indicator

  • Metal V-mount plate

  • Wireless receiver mount


Hahnel PowerStation Twin V Pro Dual Battery Charger

The hahnel PowerStation Twin V Pro is a high-end fast charger for Lithium-ion camcorder batteries. Supplied with a 12VDC lead as well as a 100-240VAC adapter, the Twin V Pro can be used at home or while on the go. One or two batteries can be charged simultaneously, each with its own independent charge control system. Batteries will charge in 1 or 2 hours with overheating protection. 


SWIT SC-304S Charger

S-8110S 126Wh V-Mount Battery

SC-304S is a 2-channel simultaneous charger for V-mount batteries, which can automatically recognize the type of battery being charged (Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd).


Portable Dual Battery Charger

The Ikan C-2KS is a portable V-Mount battery charger with an XLR 4-Pin DC power output. The unit can charge two batteries simultaneously and features a built-in capacity management system, ensuring the fastest charge possible. It includes an AC power cable, and a 4-pin XLR cable to provide power to a device.


Canon BP-955 7.4V Lithium-Ion


The Canon BP-955 7.4V Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (5200mAh) is designed for use with the Canon XF series of professional camcorders. The BP-955 sends remaining battery life and data back to the camcorder to prevent untimely power loss. The four LED lamps on the battery also let you view remaining battery life.


IDX VL-2 Endura-type Lithium-Ion Battery Charger, 2-Channe


The VL-2 is a two-channel, sequential Li-Ion (Lithium-Ion) fast charger with a built-in 60W power supply. Up to two Li-Ion Endura V-mount batteries can be charged in 5 hours.


IDX DUO-95 V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery


The IDX DUO-95 V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery weighs under 2 lb and is aimed at smaller cinema cameras. It features two D-Tap outputs, each capable of taking a 50W load within a 76W max draw across the two of them. The battery capacity is 14.4V, 6.3Ah, and 91Wh. The max output voltage is 16.8V.


Swit  S-3602C

-- 2-ch Canon BP Charger and Adaptor
- Charger for SWIT S-8845/8945 battery
- 2-ch simultaneous charging
- Compatible with Canon BP series DV 
- 2 DC adapting output sockets
- 4-level LED charging indicators




DS-260S (260Wh) is the new product Dynacare launched recently features at larger capacity, lighter weight and more compact design, with similar dimension as the regular 160Wh battery
Rated at especially large capacity of 260Wh, it means that it can support much longer shooting time.
Built-in 5 LED power indicator shows accurately the remaining capacity.
It can power the camera and other accessory with the built-in Power Tap simultaneously.
Lithium Ion Battery Protection Technology inside is designed to prevent over charge, over discharge, over current, short circuit, etc.


D-4S/A V-Mount  Battery Charger

Simultaneous 4-channel charging for all the 4 channels. 
Charging of Li-ion battery is done through V-Mount/Gold mount plate.

SWIT S-3602U Dual Charger/Adapter for Sony BP-U30/U60 Batteries

The SWIT S-3602U Dual Charger/Adapter has two charging channels with 16.8 VDC, 1.9A output for simultaneously charging two batteries. It is compatible with the SWIT S-8U62/63 and Sony BP-U30/U60 batteries. Four-level LED charging indicators for each channel indicate the percentage of charge remaining.


SWIT PB-M98S 14.4V 98Wh Pocket Battery with D-Tap and USB Output (V-Mount)

Key Features

  • Compact Form Factor V-Mount Battery

  • 98Wh, 6.8Ah Capacity

  • Provides Power Info for Sony and RED

  • Suitable for Small Cameras and Monitors