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Við leggjum mikið upp úr lausnum á sviði lýsingar, einna helst í verkefnum á tökustað. Búnaðurinn er fyrirferðalítill og auðveldur í uppsetningu og meðhöndlun.

Dedolight S4B Basic Explorer 


3 DLH4 Light head Aspherics² 
3 DT24–1 Dimmable electronic power supply 24 V
1 DFT30 Diffuser translucent 
1 DLTFH Compact Dedoflex holder 
1 DXBAT4–3 Battery cable 
1 DCAR3 Cigarette lighter adapter 
3 DBD8 Barn door 
3 DDCF Dichroic daylight conversion filter 
3 DFH Filter holder 
1 DGMD Gel filter set–Mixed diffusion 
3 DST Stand 
1 DSTFX Flexible stand extension 
2 CLAMP1 Clamp 


Dedolight1 DLH4 Light head 


1 DLHM4-300 Light head Aspherics² with built-in dimmable electronic power supply 24V
1 DLH1000S Halogen Soft light head 1000W
1 DSBSS Silver dome, small
1 ACGRIDS Grid, small
1 DT24-1 Dimmable electronic power supply 24V
1 DXBAT4-3 Battery cable
1 DCAR3 Cigarette lighter adapter
2 DBD Barn door
2 DPLS Light shield ring
2 DDCF Dichroic daylight conversion filter
1 DSCK Scrim kit
1 DSCP Scrim pouch
2 DFH Filter holder
1 DGMD Gel filter set - Mixed diffusion




Kino Flo 4ft 4 kit

2 4ft 4Bank Fixture
2 4Bank Select Ballast
2 MTP-B41 Mount w/ Baby Receiver (16mm)
2 Extension, 25ft
1 Gaffer Ship Case

55 x 10 x 24”
(139.5 x 25.5 x 61cm)

70 lb (31.5kg)


Kino Flo 2ft 4 kit


2 2ft 4Bank Fixture
2 4Bank Select Ballast 
2 MTP-B41 Mount w/ Baby Receiver (16mm)
2 Extension, 25ft
1 Interview Ship Case
35 x 11 x 21”
(89 x 28 x 53.5cm)
43 lb (19.4kg)







Socanland 50CTD 1'X1'
Bi-Color LED Light Panel

Panel Size (mm): 300x300x70 (1'x1')

Fixture Size (mm): 315x403x70

Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K adjustable

Beam Angle: 60°

Photometric data:  2100 lux/1m - 550 lux/2m - 240 lux/3m

LEDs: 1156

Dimmer: 0-100%

LED light life: 50.000 hrs.

DMX 512: NO

Fixture Construction: Metal

Power Draw: 50W

Quiet fan-less design

The light can be powered by optional AC adapter or Battery.



Kino Flo Tegra 4-Bank
Kit with Travel Case
  • Tegra 4Bank 

  • Honeycomb Louver, Lollipop 5/8" Receiver

  • 1/2 Flozier Diffuser

  • Travel Case, Lamp Case

  • Built-in 100-240VAC Ballast

  • 100 - 5% Dimming

  • Individual Switch for Each Lamp

  • Uses 4x 75W T12 Lamps

  • Built-in 6.5" Barndoors


Kino Flo Diva-Lite 401 with Travel & Lamp Cases Kit


  • Includes Diva-Lite 401 Fixture & Flozier

  • Kit Supports 4x 21" 55W CFL Lamps

  • Energy Efficient & Long Lamp Life

  • Built-In & Remote Dimming: 100-5.0%

  • Lamps At Full Color Temperature in 3 Min

  • Maximizes Light & Minimizes Heat

  • Clamshell Travel & Lamp Cases Included


Manfrotto  LED


The ML360HP Midi Hybrid Plus LED light has an on-board rechargeable lithium cell battery (giving 90 minutes of full-power continuous light) instead of standard replaceable AAA batteries like its sister ML360H model. Other extras compared to the standard ML360H are the ''ball head to hotshoe'' system (which allows the ML360HP to be pivoted, angled and turned) and the included light modifying accessories - a diffusor and two gels


Lishuai 170DS PRO Continuous LED Video Light


The 170DS LED is a professional LED light that outputs continuous flicker-free light at a fully variable colour temperature (3200K-5600K) with high colour accuracy. It is fully dimmable from 10-100% and has a beam angle of 60 degrees which provides even illumination suitable for most basic lighting applications. The 170DS includes a metal ball-head head mount for mounting on-camera or a light stand and a diffusion filter. While these features are available with other lights, there are numerous qualities that make the LED170DS a truly professional LED light.





Dedicated 3200K/5600K quick-access button.

Clearly visible digital display and shock resistant buttons

Yoke with ergonomic just one hand tilt lock knob


VELVET is more than tungsten and daylight in the same unit: you can precisely adjust color temperature from 2700 to 6500K in 100K increments.


Major One Plus 1-Channel Dimmer


1. Kleiner 1 Kanal Dimmer

2 DMX512 Steuerbar

3.LED Menu mit Test-, Adressen-, Limit- und Switch-Funktion

4. Konvektionskühlung

5.Netzzuleitung Schutzkontakt

6.Lastanschluss 1x Schutzkontakt 10A / 230V~

7.Bohrung thomann an der Oberseite zur einfachen Befestigung des Gerätes mittels 8.eines Scheinwerfer-Hakens (Artikel 127827) an eine Traverse.

9. Bitte Fangseil nicht vergessen (Artikel105687)


11.inkl, Kabelfernbedienung (Kabellänge 1,80 m)

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