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Birns & Sawyer Hi-Hat with 100mm Bowl


Our cast iron 100mm Hi Hat works with any fluid head that has a 100mm ball base. Each leg has a 1/4" hole for easy mounting to wood or metal plates. Weighs 

Vörunúmer: 20008


Manfrotto 190XPROB


  • Load Capacity: 15.4 lb

  • 3 Leg Sections

  • 90° Column Feature

  • Maximum Height of 63"

  • Minimum Height of 3.6" (9.0 cm)

  • Folds to 23.2 (59 cm), Weighs 4.4 lb

  • (QPL) Quick Power Lock for Legs

  • Individual Leg-Angle Settings

  • Easy Link Plug, Leg Warmers on 2 Legs

Vörunúmer: 20009


Manfrotto 494 Mini Ball Head with RC2 Quick Release


The Manfrotto 494 Mini Ball Head w/RC2 QR Plate is a lightweight ball head that's perfect for smaller cameras (maximum load--8.82 lb). It's got a quick-release plate, a newly designed friction control knob that allows micro movements without engaging the head-locking mechanism, and a locking mechanism that will lock the head in both the +90°/-90° tilt position and the 360° panning position.

Vörunúmer: 20010


Sirui P-306 6-Section Aluminum Monopod +Manfrotto 494 Mini


The Sirui P-306 6-Section Aluminum Monopod is a lightweight camera support that's ideal for extremely mobile operation with a DSLR, point & shoot camera, or a compact camcorder. For some situations, such as tourist locations where tripod use is prohibited, a monopod is the perfect way to fly under the radar but still ensure steady shots.

Vörunúmer: 20011


Automatic Folding Dolly - Black


Single lever braking system controls all three 80mm wheels. Includes 3/8'' attachment which allows you to fix a head for low angle shooting. It folds legs for transporting and storage.

Vörunúmer: 20012


Manfrotto Alu Fluid Monopod 3/8 Attachment

The MVM250A is a fluid video monopod that features a patented system using a fluid cartridge incorporated into the base that gives an incredibly smooth and judder-free panning action to the monopod when shooting video. Great compactness when folded thanks to its three retractable feet

Vörunúmer: 20013


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