Avenger c500 


Pelican gaffer grip that works on diameters from 15mm to 80mm.



Manfrotto 635- Quick-Action Super Clamp


The rapid action locking jaw has also been applied to the most well known clamp in the world, the original Super Clamp. These modifications allow us to keep its extreme versatility adding unrivaled speed in locking and unlocking. Supplied with wedge to allow the clamp to fit on flat surface.





Spring Clamp

Key Features

  • 5/8" Male Stud

  • 3/8" Female Socket





Matthews Matthellini Grip, 6" End Jaw (Silver)


The Matthews Matthellini 6" End Jaw Grip (Silver) provides strong, solid gripping of round, square, or rectangular tubing and many other common and irregular shapes. The End Jaw has the fixed jaw mounted at the end of the threaded portion of the shaft. Includes a Baby (5/8") Pin for mounting fixtures or other grip items.


An ergonomic handle design, reinforced jaws, and the shaft is 1010 chrome plated steel.


Impact Pipe Clamp with Baby Pin


The Impact C210 Baby Pipe Clamp fastens to pipes with diameters of 0.39 to 2.16". It has a 5/8" mounting stud and a load capacity of 220.46 lb (100 kg). A safety cable is included.


Kupo 9" Super Viser Clamp with Hex Receiver-End Jaw (Silver)


The silver 9” Super Viser Clamp with Hex Receiver-End Jaw from Kupo is a strong and versatile clamp. It can mount securely onto round and square objects, or just about any shape up to 9" (23cm) in diameter. The super viser clamp can support up to 66.1 lb (30kg) and comes in a silver aluminum finish.


Matthews C - Clamp with 2- 5/8" Baby Pins - 6"


Clamp TypeC-Clamp

Jaw Opening6.0 " / 15.24  cm

Mount Type1 x 5/8" Stud


Matthews Matthellini End Jaw Clamp with HYPER-CHROME Coating (2")


Key Features

  • Jaw Capacity: 2"

  • HYPER-CHROME All-Black Coating

  • Grip Round, Square, or Rectangular Tubes

  • Versatile Rigging for Lights & Modifiers


SmallRig Super Clamp with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Threads


Key Features

  • Fits Any 15-44mm Rod

  • T-Shaped Locking Lever

  • Anti-Slip Rubber Pads Inside Jaw

  • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Threaded Holes



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