• 2-Channel Beltpack with XLR-6 Connector

  • Visual LED indicators on top of keypad

  • Tactile buttons for Call and Talk

  • Recessed rotary controls for Volume with end stops

  • Concealed, programmable DIP switches

  • XLR-6 line connectors for 2-channel + program audio

  • Fully compatible with current and previous Clear-Com analog partyline systems

  • Low operating current for more beltpack daisy-chaining

  • Rugged and strong construction

  • “Clear-Com Sound” for intelligible audio



  • FreeSpeak II 1.9GHz Transceiver

  • For use with FSII base station, E-QUE-HX cards and FSII splitters

  • Supports up to 5 FSII 1.9GHz beltpacks per transceiver, or up to 65-90 beltpacks when mixed with FSII 2.4GHz transceivers

  • Up to 10 Transceivers can be connected to one FreeSpeak II base station

  • 1.9GHz transceivers can co-operate with 2.4GHz transceivers on the same system

  • IP-65 rated for water and dust resistance

  • Locally powered or powered via the FreeSpeak II base station or matrix

  • Microphone stand mounting


  • Double-ear standard headset

  • High quality dynamic cardioid microphone

  • High ambient-noise attenuation headphones

  • Microphone: 300Hz – 20kHz frequency response

  • Headphone: 40Hz – 20kHz frequency response

  • Cushioned with soft leatherette padding

  • Flexible gooseneck microphone positioning

  • 300-degrees boom mic rotation for ON/OFF mic-mute switch

  • Rugged design

Clear-com  CC-400


Clear-com  CC-26K

  • Single open-ear, lightweight headset

  • Over-the-head design

  • Flexible neck boom

  • Foam earpad

  • Dynamic noise cancelling microphone



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