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Remote Audio ENG Breakaway Cable withTimecode for The Sound Devices 633

Remote Audio ENG Breakaway Cable with Timecode for The Sound Devices 633 transmits stereo audio over a pair of balanced XLR connectors and uses a dedicated 5-pin LEMO M to BNC RA plug to transmit timecode from your camera to the Sound Devices recorder. It also features a stereo return for sending the signal back to the camera. The cable comes with a carabiner for wrapping the extra slack and attaching the breakaway cable to equipment or a belt while on set.

Vörunúmer: 30048


PSC Breakaway Cable for Sound Devices 664

Breakaway Cable from PSC designed for use with the Sound Devices 664 Field Production Mixer features a 10-pin Hirose male and a 5-pin LEMO male connector on one end, and 2 XLR male with return connectors, 3.5mm stereo male and female connectors, as well as a BNC TimeCode input connector on the other.

Vörunúmer: 30049


Sound Devices XLNPH NP Type Battery Cup

Sound Devices XLNPH is an NP-type battery cup with 12-inch cable terminated in Hirose 4-pin locking DC connector. The battery cup provides power to the Sound Devices MixPre, 442, and 302 mixers.

Vörunúmer: 30050


Sound Devices XL-AB Anton-Bauer Power Tap to 4-Pin Hirose Power Cable

Sound Devices XL-AB Anton-Bauer Power Tap to 4-pin Hirose Power Cable adapts an Anton-Bauer power tap to a 4-pin Hirose connector. It measures 24” (61cm) in length, and is used to supply power to devices which intake power through a 4-pin Hirose connection.

Vörunúmer: 30051


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